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When you take on unpaid or volunteer work without insurance you take on all the risk. That's because you're not technically an employee. Which means, you're not covered under their usual insurance policies.

So, if you had an accident or made a mistake you could seriously be out of pocket.

That's why work experience insurance exists.

It covers you for an accident and protects you and the company from personal liability (up to policy limits) if you unintentionally cause damage or do something wrong.

Who can take out the insurance?

You can take out the insurance for yourself – which can be a good thing to highlight to companies you're pitching work experience too – or companies can take it out on your behalf.

All cover kicks in the first day of your unpaid gig.

Cover is best suited for:

  • high school students
  • university students
  • interns
  • volunteers
  • companies who have regular unpaid workers or volunteers

Flexible Cover

Not all work experience or volunteering arrangements are the same. That's why we offer flexible insurance times.

Choose from a day, a set number of days, a week, a month or a full year.

For example, if you only volunteer once a month you're not paying for cover you don't need, just the day you're working.

You can read all about the exact cover in our product information section.

Why Choose Experience Worx?

  • No waiting. Instant Quotes and Cover in a matter of minutes.

  • Affordable. Policies start from $96.

  • We're here for you if something goes wrong.

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What our customers are saying

  • Thank you for your great customer service. Your company has allowed me to participate in volunteer work that I would not have been able to complete without your assistance!
    Catherine – Upwey VIC

  • Very efficient, quick easy, inexpensive and puts the company allowing work experience at ease.
    James – Mount Samsom - QLD

  • Easy process to apply. Useful site for all those who are looking for work experience
    Sid – Canning Vale - WA

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